Monthly Archives: November 2011

Fall colors

Rich green fades from the landscape, and the shortening days take on a golden tinge. I almost missed the colorful foliage this year. But in late fall, the American Beech didn’t seem to want to let go of its yellow leaves on Eagle’s Bluff in Clifton. I often stop my Subaru, “Fred,” on the roadside […]

Well hello there, boots

I should feel bad about it – buying myself footwear when it’s so close to the holidays. Usually I exercise more restraint. December rolls around, and I devote my savings to buying presents for my friends and family. But when you see the right hiking boots, you can’t let them just walk away on someone […]

Goodbye, old boots

One of the hardest things for a hiker to let go of is a good pair of boots — Just ask all of those hikers out there who are still rubbing leather treatment on their 15-year-old Vasque Sundowners. Alas, the time has come for my Asolo Rhythm XCR low hikers. I can’t turn a blind […]

Maine runners adapt to cold

Icy wind assails exposed ears and kindles a familiar burn in the lungs. After inhaling the first snow flurries, uncomfortable runners start eying the gym as an alternative to their usual outdoor routes. But adaptability is one of the top virtues of a cross-country runner, and although a Maine winter is nipping at our heels, […]