Monthly Archives: December 2011

Dear commenters,

Holy cow – I’ve got comments. And holy crap – it looks like I’ve been neglecting readers for weeks. Sorry about that. Let me explain. To have a BDN blog, you don’t have to speak the language of HTMLs and HTTPS and URL nastiness – that’s for our brilliant web editor. For me to have […]

Get to know me

I’ve noticed that a lot of blog visitors (bless you) are clicking on my “About Me” tab. What? You don’t know who I am? I’m not new to Maine, but I’m new to the blog scene. I figured a few photos might help you understand just who is writing these posts. I’ve been enthusiastic about […]

The year of moose (pre-blog days)

Two years ago, I decided to open my “AMC Maine Mountain Guide” and randomly choose hiking destinations each week (much like the “One-Minute Hike” videos I’m creating now, sans the videos). I drove all over the state that summer in my silver Jeep Liberty, “Henry,” who has since retired. And though I’ve lived in Maine […]