Monthly Archives: February 2012

Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, a new tradition

The first Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, organized by the Maine Outdoor Coalition, will be held Saturday-Sunday, March 3-4. Throughout the state, Maine residents have the option of attending more 70 events hosted by 26 outdoor-oriented organizations and companies that have banned together to celebrate the Maine wilderness. Many of the activities are free. This new Maine tradition […]

Experts to offer environment talks in Camden

  Local libraries are a pretty big deal in Maine. A simple collection of books they are not. These community buildings, whether stately or modest, often double as daycares, meeting spots, social hubs, workshop spaces and lecture venues. So keep your eye on library event calendars. You’re apt to stumble across free events that will expand […]

Follow the snow

When things aren’t going great, people often start out their sentences with: “I hate to complain, but…” Not me. I understand that a whiney disposition isn’t flattering, but I don’t hate complaining – not when it’s warranted. So, let’s talk about this winter. What the dandelion! (A choice word selected by the online Random Word […]