Tunes to pick up the pace

When I’m running in the forest, bird song and rustling leaves can keep me entertained; but most of the time, I walk out my front door and run on the side of the road. That’s when I need my iPod to drown out the sound of passing cars and my own heavy breathing.

Music has an amazing effect on my mood and motivation. Love songs, soft rock and lazy country tunes make me want to sit down and drink a cold lemonade, not run. I need something with a little punch. I never let my iPod just run through my songs; I create a number of thought-out playlists full of upbeat songs.

Some of the songs I listen to when I run and work out are songs that I’d never listen to at any other time. But they have a good beat. They pump me up. So I’ll share with you a recent playlist I made to motivate me to get back into road running.

Many of the songs in the following lists are for ages 18 and older. Some of the lyrics are offensive and do not reflect my thoughts. Nevertheless, these songs help me pick up the pace.

1. “Time is Running Out” – Muse

2. “Guilty, Filthy Soul” – AWOLNATION
3. “I Like the Way” – Bodyrockers
4. “Call It What You Want” – Foster the People
5. “Northshore” – Tegan and Sara

6. “American Trash” – Innerpartysystem
7. “Bad Girls” – M.I.A.
8. “Get Over It” – OK GO

9. “Get Some” – Lykke Li
10. “The Little Things” – Danny Elfman
11. “When I Grow Up” – Pussycat Dolls
12. “Starting Now” – Mississippi Twilight
13. “Alive” – Hustle Roses

14. “Never Hear Surf Music Again” – Free Blood
15. “Super Bass” – Nicki Minaj
16. “The Ruler and the Killer” – Kid Cudi
17. “Raining Men” – Rihanna & Nicki Minaj
18. “Spotlight” – Mutemath

19. “That’s Not My Name” – The Ting Tings
20. “Kalifornia” – The Subways
21. “Magic” – B.o.B

Make sure you post your own workout/running songs in the comments below.


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