Maine pug does hokey pokey in booties #hilarious

Dogs do the darndest things. And when someone catches it on video, well, it often goes viral. Funny dog videos seem to spread through the Internet like crazy. And why shouldn’t they? Everyone likes a good chuckle.

Recently, a co-worker of mine, Tony Reaves of Bangor, filmed his pug Scoop’s reaction to dog booties — a performance that’s certainly viral-worthy.

It cracks me right up. I mean, what’s going through this dog’s mind? Is he dancing? Is he afraid of the floor? Why this reaction?

All I can say is that I hope that my dog Oreo reacts to snow booties in a similar fashion.

If you’d like a few more laughs, here are a few examples of dog videos that have been played on computer screens, tablets and cell phones across the globe:

There’s “Ultimate Dog Tease,” the German shepherd that talks about bacon. He has 149 million views.

And there’s “Dog imitates baby,” in which a husky does just that … earning 11 million views.

“Two Dogs Dining,” which has nearly 22 million views, is just strange … but it still makes me laugh.

And “Useful Dog Tricks 3” just makes my own dog look terribly stupid. But it’s amazing and deserves its 8 million views.

Well, cat videos are funny, too. So I’ll post my absolute favorite one here. The actual footage isn’t that great, but something about it makes me almost pee my pants. 11 million views.


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