Monthly Archives: January 2014

Winter wreaks havoc on dog paws

“Oreo’s walking funny,” I said as I leaned closer to the window, my nose nearly touching the glass. “What?” called my boyfriend Derek from the other room. “Oreo — he’s walking funny,” I repeated as I stood to let the dog inside. I like to creep on Oreo when I let him outside. It’s fun […]

1-minute hike: Lake Loop Trail, Branch Lake Public Forest, Ellsworth

Difficulty: Easy-moderate. The hike of Lake Loop Trail (including Pine Trail) is about 3 miles, round trip. The route travels over gentle hills. Exposed roots crossing the trail and a few bog bridges require careful footing. The route is great for hiking, dog walking, snowshoeing and given the right conditions, cross country skiing. How to get […]

One dog toy to rule them all

Eureka! The word stems from an ancient Greek word meaning “I have found it!” While the exclamation is typically attributed to mad scientists and detectives, if my dog Oreo could speak, I think that’s what he’d say — “Eureka!” Oreo has long searched for the perfect toy. Every time we bring home a new Nylabone […]