Monthly Archives: January 2014

1-minute hike: Great Head Trail in Acadia National Park

Difficulty: Moderate. Several rocky sections and a few steep spots along the Great Head Trail make the hike moderately challenging, though the trail doesn’t change much in elevation. The trail forms a 1.4-mile loop, bisected by a cutoff trail (a good option for people looking for a shorter hike). How to get there: To access […]

Treat your pup to some homemade cookies

“Made with real chicken,” I read. “As opposed to what? Fake chicken?” I think. I pick up the next bag of dog treats on the shelf and turn it over to read the ingredients. “Sorbic acid. Artificial smoke flavor? Calcium propionate. Glyceryl something-I-can’t-pronounce. Choline chloride. Added color. Red 40. Yellow 5. Blue 1. Yellow 6.” […]

How are birds coping with the extreme cold?

Frozen pipes, costly oil bills and dead car batteries — these have been my concerns lately. Living in Maine, I’m not alone. Sub-zero temperatures create a slew of problems. In general, some things just stop working. Over the past week or so, I’ve huddled indoors, wincing every time the furnace switched on. And with my mind thus […]