Spicing up the ‘1-minute hike’ series

It feels strange. This will be the first week in more than two years that I will not be producing a ‘1-minute hike’ video and trail description for BDN readers. My editors and I have decided to make a change, so I’ll now be producing a ‘1-minute hike’ every other week. Why, you ask? To free up some time for new types of outdoor adventures and outdoor-related stories.

Photo courtesy of Brian Feulner

Photo courtesy of Brian Feulner

It’s not for lack of Maine hiking trails, that’s for sure. I still have so many places on my list to explore. But in between hikes, I’ll be doing other outdoorsy things, mixing it up a bit.

That should be exciting, right? Well, yes. I am excited to go skiing, kayaking, biking, paddle boarding, birdwatching, kiting, climbing, etc. — but it still feels strange. I’m used to getting outside and hiking a new trail, without a doubt, every week. And now, things have changed. I’ll admit, I’ve never been particularly good with big changes. They take a while to sink in.

Photo by Derek Runnells BDN reporter Aislinn Sarnacki jumps over a cairn on the SW Pemetic Mountain Trail in Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island, Maine, on Nov. 3, 2012.

Photo by Derek Runnells

So I’ll need your help, BDN readers. Send me on an outdoor adventure. Give me some suggestions — for any time of year. Is there a particular stream you love kayaking down or one you’d like me to check out for you? Should I try kite boarding or rock climbing or scuba diving? (My new camera can go underwater!) Do you wish you knew more about Maine turtles or birds or eatable plants?

What do you want to see? Or, if you’re involved in some sort of great outdoor activity, what do you want to share? Post a comment below or send me an email at asarnacki@bangordailynews.com. I’m eager to get this new list of adventures started!

Aislinn Sarnacki

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