What are these Fort Kent blue jays doing?

Approximately 18 hours ago, Julia Bayly, a BDN writer from The County, posted an interesting photo on Facebook. Two blue jays that appear to be kissing.

“Okay my birding peeps,” she wrote in the photo’s caption. “Take a gander at this behavior… Blue jays at my house today… mating behavior?”

Julia took the photo after watching one of the jays grab a sunflower seed from the feeder in her backyard.

“[It] appears to be feeding the other,” she wrote.

Courtesy of Julia Bailey Two blue jays in Fort Kent.

Photo courtesy of Julia Bayly
Two blue jays in Fort Kent.

I asked her if I could post the photo on my blog, and she said “Go for it! Blog away!” Thanks, Julia.

A few comments from her Facebook friends (without naming names) about the jays:

I hope they don’t freeze together like that lol”

“Feeding, the one on the right is starved!”

“I think mating happens on the other end. Just sayin'”

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Courtesy of Julia Bailey A blue jay in Fort Kent.

Courtesy of Julia Bailey
A blue jay in Fort Kent.

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