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1-minute hike: Green Lake Nature Trails in Ellsworth

Difficulty: Easy-moderate. The trail network consists of a main trail called the 1.35-mile Hastings Trail, as well as a side trail to the hatchery. Both trails travel through a mixed forest over fairly even terrain. Exposed tree roots, wooden bridges and a few rocky areas may make footing tricky from time to time. How to […]

Where in the woods am I? Green Lake Nature Trails

Kat Montminy (via Facebook) won the “Where in the woods am I?” game for the Green Lake Nature Trails in Ellsworth in October 2015 given the following clues and photos: Usually I get my hiking ideas from guide books, land trust brochures or online. Sometimes people send me suggestions via email or Facebook. (Those are […]

1-minute hike: Penobscot Mountain Trail in Acadia National Park

Difficulty: Moderate-strenuous. The Penobscot Mountain Trail is 1.5 miles long, according to the National Park Service, and is just one of several trails that explore Penobscot Mountain. Expect plenty of exposed tree roots and rocks, as well as some wet, slippery granite in places. How to get there: The closest parking area in Acadia National […]

Where in the woods am I? Penobscot Mountain

Heidi Riggs, Brian Dempster, Ted Pearson, Carey Kish (in his own special way.. “Popover Pond”…), Jane Bromley Langley, Carolyn Newbert, Jen Patton, Chris Sewall, Elliot Woodbury and Tim Henderson all won the “Where in the Woods am I?” game for Penobscot Mountain in Acadia National Park in October 2015. They guessed the correct mountain by […]