Bloopers and extra footage from 2018 1-minute adventures

My “1-minute hike” video series isn’t exactly polished or formal, but I do edit quite a bit of content out that I deem to be too silly or distracting. For example, I trip over my words — a lot — and I struggle keeping my dog, Oreo, from wrapping his leash around trees and dragging me off bog bridges. So there are a lot of bloopers and goofy moments that eventually get lost in my vast archive of hiking footage.

When I started my “1-minute hike” series, back in 2011, I began compiling these bloopers once a year, usually around Christmas, to entertain steadfast readers and viewers of my blog. However, in recent years, I’ve either forgotten to do this or gotten too busy. My last blooper reel was released in 2014. (Time does fly.) So I thought it was high time I rekindled the tradition.

So here we go. Here are some of the bloopers and goofy moments of the 2018 1-minute adventures.

Aislinn Sarnacki

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